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Micheal William Collins
I was the Coder on Dunkirk during the dates mentioned by Sandra Hervin but dont recall his name. Best person to ask is Martin Bailey who was also a stoker on this Commission.
Posted by David Young on 21 February 2018
Able Seaman Anthony P Bowyer (Jim)
I was wondering if anyone recalls my father Anthony Bowyer (called Jim on ship). He served on Dunkirk and later Newcastle. Dad was a gunner, dates around 1957-late 1960's.
Any memories, stories, pics - we would be grateful. TIA
Posted by David Bowyer on 18 February 2018
Michael William Collins
Hello there, I was hoping someone might remember my dad, he was on HMS DUNKIRK between 1958 - 1961, he spoke about going to Gibraltar and Malta, I believe he worked in the engine room.
Regards Sandra Hervin
Posted by Sandra Hervin on 07 June 2017
Dear Jack, Enid and 'the Dunkirk Mates',

It has taken me much longer to respond to the September communiqué providing details of the Whitby reunion than I'd expected. The opportunity to see so many of Jeff's mates again together with the bonus surroundings of 'Heartbeat' countryside, should have been an irresistible combination. Alas, that it couldn't have been next April, 2013, instead! I now have to finally admit to myself, that unless something totally unforseen occurs, there is no chance that my current commitments will allow me to come over in April.

Since our last contact, the number of reunions being attended on Jeff's behalf, has increased. Sometime soon I want to make a trip to Malta, the setting for perhaps one of The Dunkirk Association's most memorable get together, and the place Jeff probably enjoyed the most of his naval career. Incidentally, it was several years later and on a different ship, that Jeff and I began our courtship by mail.

One mid morning in early February at what I later discovered was 2 am UK time, the 'phone rang. When the caller asked to speak with Peter, I very nearly smashed the handpiece down. Only his brother and mother ever used his official name, and it was certainly neither of those. I was flummoxed when he announced himself as an old boy who used to attend the same institution as Jeff in his youth, The British Seamen's Boys' Home at Brixham. Eventually there may be an opportunity to find out what amazing detective sources were used to locate us, just our being in South Australia. Only later did it occur to me to wonder whether any of Jeff's mates from the Dunkirk attended the home?

Apparently they too, will be holding a reunion next Spring. Will I be there? Well, cash flow, time (and aging!) and of course, an invitation will determine that.

For the time being, I am attempting to arrange a short stint with my family for this September or October, with a special focus on spending some time in Fareham, Hampshire, where Jeff and I were married over 40 years ago. Our overnight temperature is holding steady at 35 degrees Celsius and despite the air conditioning, the air feels dense and claustrophobic - too hot to sleep. I have this insane desire to experience the invigorating, mildness of an English Autumn, just not too much rain, thankyou...........

Please be assured, that if any of the Dunkirk members and wives want to come and visit 'Down Under', I would be absolutely delighted for you to stay here.

With the very best wishes to you all,
Gillian Birkett.

Posted by Gillian Birkett on 15 March 2012

I had to write to you after reading in the Navy News and Legion magazine regarding the HMS Dunkirk Reunion you have in April.

During the late 1950's HMS Dunkirk visited my home town of Pwllheli, north Wales, I was a schoolboy then and about a dozen of us from the school who took seamanship lessons were invited out to the ship which was anchored in the bay. We were welcomed on board and shown around the ship by a kind veteran CPO who made us laugh and made the day a truly memorable one. As we were leaving he turned round to me and said " have you an older sister" I replied no I have no sisters but not to disappoint him I added but I have a cousin who is 18 and all my friends like her. This bought a smile to his face and he told us that the local RBL club had arranged a buffet and dance for the lads that evening. He made us promise to tell all the girls to come to the dance. We of course did this and I asked my cousin a few days later did she go to the dance and she in excitement replied "O yes and we had a wonderful time I'm in love"

Happy memories

Best wishes for a successful reunion

Wyndham (Branch standard bearer Nefyn & District Royal British Legion)

Posted by W Underwood on 30 January 2012
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